Dylan Davis is originally from Houston, Texas and started writing movie reviews in his grade school newsletter. He attended the University of Houston, studied in The People's Republic of China, and taught in the urban neighborhoods of the East Side. His first book, Humbucker Pickup: A Rock and Roll Love Story, was published in 2012. Three followups were published in quick succession in 2014: "FLYNN!", Dating Virginia, and Buffalo Seine. on Halloween of 2014 he published his first science-fiction work, Threshold. He currently lives in the Canadian Rockies with his wife and two children. The stereo in his writing room is on eleven.


It is my mission to be a better person. How we contextualize this, frame it, act on it, is all up to us and our individual responses to life. It is my desire to be more than someone who works seventy hours a week for someone else. I am a man, or more succinctly a human. I have expressions that I would like to make and if people happen to like them all the better. 



This website is an attempt to spread my expressions through different avenues to the world. We are eight billion hearts and minds screaming for attention and most are not listening, but it does not mean we should not try. I am an author of print media, a blogger of random minutia that only has relevance to me. And in the future I hope to start a podcast to investigate the purpose of film as art in our lives. 


You don't have to join me. you don't have to read me. You don't have to listen to me. But it would be very, very cool if you did. 


PS: I don't write poems about flowers and shit in independent coffee shops wearing berets and bragging about my minority friends. Actually, I take that back. I do wear berets. And I know a few gay people. 


Dylan Davis and his wife. Somewhere in Southern Alberta

Dylan Davis and his wife. Somewhere in Southern Alberta